Working Woman Executive Ends her Life - Sexual Harassment Again

by Rashmi Singh, 27th June, 2011

A woman CEO of a tea company in Jaipur has recently committed suicide on 11th June, 2011. She has left behind a suicide note that on June 8th, 2011 the M.D. of her company G. K. Dalmia and his friend Sunil Jain raped her after having drugged her in the flat. She mentioned that the accused ( G. K. Dalmia) wanted her to clear some company documents with financial irregularities which she refused. To teach her a lesson she was raped.

A summary of Vishaka case, Supreme Court, 1997 for Sexually Harassed women in India

by Rashmi Singh


Vishaka case of sexual harassment at workplace is a case of landmark judgement by Supreme Court of India. Not because it was attack on working women’s fundamental right to work without fear and prejudice. Not becase it is a saga of immense torture of a naïve working woman. Not because a woman showed exemplery courage to fight against the male ego our immoral society.

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