About Us

We’re a non-profit team working with aim to improve the conditions of Indian working women from the inequalities of our Indian system & especially come up from the male chauvinism.

In the name of “conservative” Indian society the already unequal class of “women” bear further mental harassment & torture due to sexual harassment by male employees - especially the superiors. This not only robs of a woman her dignity & self respect but also shakes her confidence. If she dares, she may lose her job. But leaving her job isn’t always possible for a helpless woman who is in dire need of money to run their households.

In our male dominated society, this will hardly bother any male. Working women in India must fight to safe-guard her importance & position and bring justice of equality to them.

If you’re the one who have ever been sexually exploited or been victim of any sexual harassment – you must not feel depressed in any way. It is not your fault. Rather feel privileged to fight for the justice of women in general in India. Nobody will help us. We need to fight get our destined importance and place.

We must not sit and relax if we’re one of the lucky ones. It could be us tomorrow, or even our own sisters or daughters. We must be proactive and absolutely not wait for government reforms or third party advisories.

If one of us has ever been in such a situation, then instead of taking it granted, and keep “our” modesty, one needs fight for it. This wouldn’t be possible unless we all women join the movement. This indeed a movement. The culprit must be hanged and silent observers must be jailed.

Read more why we have taken up “working women harassment” rather than even more important social issue of “women harassment”.