Sexual Harassment At Workplace Latest News

  1. Telhelka's double face exposed
  2. Intern alleges sexual harassment by Supreme Court judge - 12th Nov 2013
  3. Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal made into law after 66 years of independence - April, 2013
  4. Two All India Radio officials sacked for sexually harassing radio jockeys - April, 2013
  5. Sexual Harassment Bill Passed in Rajya Sabha! - 27th Feb 2013
  6. Delhi gang rape victim's sacrifice gives hope to all of us - Dec, 2012
  7. Only 17% of women sexually harassed at work place in India! - Nov, 2012
  8. The Union Cabinet has approved Sexual Harassment Bill - May 11, 2012
  9. Torrent Pharmaceuticals sacks executive for sexual harassment May 11, 2012
  10. Ajmer railway clerk attempts suicide over workplace sexual harassment Apr 2, 2010
  11. Maharastra govt official dismissed over sexual harassment Feb 2, 2012
  12. Sexual harassment law may soon cover domestic workers Jan 12, 2012
  13. Sexually harassed by senior 9 yrs ago, woman SI gets Rs50K compensation Dec, 2011

Parliament - Shame on workplace sexual harassment policy in India!

Tehelka chief Tarun Tejpal sexually harasses her junior

How could a father figure do this? Not once, twice? Roma Chaudary comes quickly in his rescue .. a woman no self respect of being a woman. How can she do it! So are the dhamaka news of Tehelka was to just earn money and publicity? Their own owners are no less than animals?

Those who show light to whole nation themselves are wolves in disguise. Supreme Court Judges, Media stalwards, Scientists ... We're a ruined society in which males look at women as "prey". This is the truth.

Intern alleges sexual harassment by Supreme Court judge

Let's face it. It's there everywhere in India. It was even more earlier in India when media wasn't there. Read more. Central government(including all political parties) has developed cold feet in this case. Nobody wants the ire of judges, but they are in truth ordinarys citizen just like we're. Will the judge really be prosecuted?

Sexual harassment bill has now becomes a law

more. Now it took 66 years for the followers of Mahatma Gandhi to realize that Indian women also need some legal safety against women's sexual harassment at work place so that their work-equality rights are safeguarded.

Please read here for the details of this bill.

Two All India Radio officials sacked for sexually harassing radio jockeys

more. If one's mother or sister is molested, how much time does it take to dawn upon him/her? A minute or a hour maximum. But All India Radio burecracy has taken more than a month to take minimum action on the accused. AIR is bothered only about it's own image. Sexual abuse comes last in their mind, that's why Brig. Hussein's order says that:

the case is .. "sensitive and had given a poor image of the public service broadcaster."

Sexual harassment bill now passed in Rajya Sabha

First time ever, now both houses of parliament have passed the bill. Till date there was no formal Indian law to punish sexual harassment at workplace crimes. Read more. Now the bill is awaiting President's approval.

Delhi gang rape victim - new hope for all of us

Finally the Delhi rape victim died on 29th Dec, 2012. She has set a new hope for victims of sexual harassment. It should result in array of legislations and laws protecting women from sexual harassment.

I'd like to ask the  political brass(or Congress which has ruled India for more than 50 years)what they did for sexual harassment since independence?

Sexual harassment at workplace is not much different from the rape of this innocent girl. There is lot of similarity - it is perpetrated by men sharing the same attitude about women-  that she is a weak sex object. Well whatever govt is going to do, everything is going to get lost into the legal labyrinth which take eons to complete court cases.

Before our government enacts new laws, Indian political leaders should clean out the filth stored in their minds for women in general.

Shame on Sexual Harassment Bill Delay

It is more than a decade since the making of this bill started. Wouldn't it be wise to simply copy the sexual harassment policy from foreign countries like US, UK, Japan, France etc and select the urgent and most basic laws and immediately make a law in India? Then work on objections and improvement about it. Every time an objection is raised by say an MP, the bill goes into review again. Ultimately, after all it isn't the political parties's sisters and mothers who are sexually harassed. They don't need this bill. They have billions of money in Swiss accounts and their 10 women generation need no work.

Sexual Harassment at Air Force, Chandigarh

We know that we're a democracy in name only. But in truth bureaucracy ultimately runs us. Here is a sexual harassment case going on in Air Force unit in Chandigarh for some time. This bureaucracy lives in it's own world. They have their own rules and aren't much bothered about Indian legal system. In this case they have thrown to winds Supreme Court's Vishaka guidelines and acted both as Police as well as a court judge declaring the victim a criminal. The victim is now being persecuted. Imagine a world where a woman is jailed because she complained of rape and that it wasn't proved. Fortunately prima facie it appears the victim has been sexually harassed and her office's actions are evidently clear that they want to suppress the case and dismiss the victim. Now they are doing something unimaginable - declared the victim a criminal for filing harassment complaint!




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