How to File Sexual Harassment Complaint in your office if you're victim

As a working woman if you're victim of sexual harassment, if you've been subject to it then proceed in the following manner:

  1. File complaint online at national commission for women
  2. Complain to your office authority by email, speedpost etc. Remember emails can land in Spam folder or not get delivered at all. So send email to many people using 2 email services. Send to at least 2-3 people. Carry a voice recorder when you go and meet HR people or seniors. Record voices when talking over phone
  3. Disclose the complaints to your friends and colleauges. They can be witness in investigation.
  4. Give a complaint in writing to labour dept. of your area and to local police station. This will act as proof of your complaint.
  5. Hire a trusted lawyer if needed.


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