Tools which help you during sexual harassment

You must be going through very bad phase. But let me discuss if any tools which can help you when filing complaint and help prove your case.

Snooping Voice & Video

Voice Recorder

To start with the let me tell you about a very useful item - voice recorder - which you must keep handy in your office. Here is more information about this.

Video Recording

In fact this is ultimate but it isn't feasible since it isn't easy to video record without being caught. Although I see stealth pen video camera in Ebay etc but I don't think it'll be able to record the face of person. Then you're better with voice recorder.

Moreover video recorder creates videos of large size and which could be difficult to manage.

Snooping the Computer

Bad people do leave traces of their activity here and there. Whom are they chatting with? What emails they are writing, to whom, who knows the culprit ? If you hack his computer, email, Facebook accounts you can extract useful information which could be beneficial in your case.

Remember a person who sexually harasses you, he would have repeated and will repeat his activity. No criminal does the crime for once. They are habitual. So if you can reach to his college mates, contacts - they will be able to throw more light on his behavior. Reach out the lady acquaintances first.

If you have his computer's reach, you can place a pen camera etc nearby to record the passwords enter by him on the keyboard.

Gmail, Yahoo etc usually will not report suspicious activity if you try to hack their passwords by guess work. Try guessing common password - vehicle name, their employee code, birth year and so on.

If you've used any tools or want to give any feedback then you're welcome - please leave them in comments below.



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